After visiting a doctor, you can pay off someone else’s debts

Do you go to the doctor and pay off someone else’s debts a few months later? Is it possible? Yes, registration is the key. Before a standard visit to the doctor’s office, you must first visit the registration. You provide a lot of valuable data in your registration. And where valuable data, there their thieves. Stolen data is a potential source of debt.

Yes, well, unfortunately, this is not fiction. According to research on the Centi Loan Lender platform, health care facilities are in second place in the institutions in which we provide our personal data most often. As a consequence, they are one of the most frequently chosen targets by identity hackers.


The opportunity makes a thief

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Research carried out by the above-mentioned platform belonging to the KRD clearly shows that Poles immediately after banks and loan institutions (over 50%) provide their personal data in various health care facilities (46%). This gives a wide range of possibilities for hackers who steal personal data. And these are often needed for all sorts of scams. However, our personal data may fall into the hands of a thief not only electronically, but also through the carelessness of healthcare professionals. This boils down, for example, to throwing patient cards into the bin instead of destroying them in the shredder.


The reason for theft of personal data


Nobody, of course, does it to pass the time. The most common reasons for theft of our data is the possibility of extorting a loan, service or item. A later request for payment or an invoice for telecommunications services comes to the fully unaware theft of the patient. Then biting nails and lament will unfortunately not help, the matter must be reported and explained not through your fault.


Will you pay off someone else’s debts after visiting a doctor or hospital?

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Research shows that much of the data needed for scams comes not only from stolen or illegally copied identity documents. Increasingly, data leakage is the result of hackers and cyber criminals. Not only business platforms, but also state offices, ministries and justice bodies are victims of personal data scams. The eWUŚ system, which belongs to health care, is one of the most craving for data thieves. Mainly due to the amount contained in this system. Unfortunately, in many facilities this system is inadequately secured. This gives hackers a wide range of possibilities.


Protection of personal data against thieves, ie someone else’s debts cease to be dangerous

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First of all, you need to realize that trust in health care should not necessarily go hand in hand with confidence in data security. And just because we trust doctors too much can be fatal in the context of personal data security.

Reassured by trust, we do not pay attention to the amount of data provided in the registration. And a priori we recognize that where and where, but in the clinic they are safe.

As you can see – nothing could be more wrong.

Therefore, it is worth thinking about the alarm in advance. Which will be activated on your phone when someone submits an application for a loan or credit using your Centi Loan Lender number. Such an alarm is offered by the Credit Information Bureau – all you have to do is create an account at BIK and activate the service.

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